This is how we operate: :

-Be inspired by the wide range of materials and colours that our consultants will present to you.

-Decide on your design, the material you want your carpet to be made of, the quality, shape, size and colours.

-Our team of professionals will create a made-to-measure design for you and send it to our craftsmen, who will produce a unique sample.

-You will receive photos of your carpets during the manufacturing process and will be constantly updated on the progress.

-You will receive your customised carpet in approximately 90 working days, which is the time it takes to create a unique product for you and your customers.

The result is a fusion of quality, creativity and made-to-measure style, ready to adapt to the space for which it was conceived and designed, so as to fully satisfy the style and functional requirements of an increasingly demanding clientele.

Our Services:

On-site inspection

An on-site meeting will be organised in order to choose together with the customer the type of carpet to be made, evaluating in the premises that will house the new carpet the materials to be used, the colours and the infinite number of possible processes, choosing from a wide range of samples.


If there is no architect or interior designer to supervise the work, Oltrarno Design's team of designers will assist you in all the phases of designing your custom-made carpet, directing you towards various ad hoc creative proposals.

3D Render and photos

To help you in choosing the right design for your carpet, we can provide on request 3D simulations, realistic renderings and insertion photos, so you can imagine your spaces with Oltrarno Design products inside.


Our carpets are unique pieces and for this reason their maintenance is fundamental. You will receive directly from us all the useful indications to keep them clean and preserved from dust and stains. When it's time to wash them Oltrarno Design can also come and collect them taking care of the cleaning and sanitation.


Customer service is fundamental: the care of the handcrafted products we have supplied continues even after the sale with restoration activities if necessary.


For the most demanding customers we provide various insurance services on all our products, to be customised each time according to the specific needs of the client.

Transportation and laying

Oltrarno Design personally takes care of the transportation and laying of the carpets on site: for this reason, the consultants who accompanied the client through every part of the design process will also follow him through this final phase, in order to guarantee a service that is entirely designed and built around the specific needs of each individual.


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