Maria Vittoria Paggini

The design of instinct, travel and color.

The invaluable collaboration with designer Maria Vittoria Paggini has inspired the Oltrarno Design carpet collection dedicated to Ornella Casanomade, premiered at Milano Design Week 2023. A series of eclectic rugs that reflect the creative vision of Maria Vittoria Paggini,where chromatic rhythm and material research dictate the rules. Maria Vittoria Paggini is a traveler of life and interiors. She discovers her visions and inspirations in the constant movement between different places and scenarios, connecting emotions, colors and textures in a free and nomadic approach that alternates product design with the complete furnishing of private and representative spaces. She invents shapes, works with artisans, and develops ideas and collections, transforming her instincts intoconcrete and highly organized design, which will later accompany her in the design world with an independent spirit and deep technical expertise.


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